An object with a curvilinear, flowing design, such as the Apple iMac computer and the Volkswagen Beetle; an object with a dull or unremarkable design.
Example Citation:
"Apple's designs, envisioned by Jonathon Ive, Apple's lead designer, have not only changed the look of computing but spilled out into the rest of society, almost single-handedly starting the 'blobject' craze for curvy, organic items."
— Chris Allbritton, "MAC-stravaganza: Apple's new product line is more polished than ever," , July 23, 2000
Earliest Citation:
If Gerard Furbershaw of Lunar Design Inc. were judging a parts competition, he would look for cleverness, craftsmanship — and whether the vendor remained true to the customer's vision.
Sophistication and visual appeal distinguish a product from other ''blobjects'' in its class, said Furbershaw, who heads product design at the Palo Alto, Calif., firm.
— "Awards honor sophisticated thermoforming," Plastics News, October 9, 1995
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